Monday, July 22, 2024

Cartoon Drawing Workshop ...Let the creativity begins!

Cartoons Workshop

Cartoon Drawing Workshop

Brush up on some skills, learn new ones, or discover the world of cartooning for the first time ever. Juan Correa our in-house ilustrator will teach you step by step how to create and draw your favorite cartoon. Drawing helps to:

  • Exercising creativity
  • Organize your ideas
  • Encourage expression of feelings
  • Develop skills for problem solving
  • Encourage communication
  • Encourage expression, perception, and organization

Cartooning for children is a great way to get started drawing imaginative cartoon characters that children can practice, develop, share and enjoy. Our cartoon drawing workshop will offer you the basics of facial features and expressions, common animals and popular cartoon body types. With these skills your child will be well on your way to drawing your own, unique characters and developing his/her own particular style of cartoon. Bring your children to this wonderful workshop today and be amazed at what your children can draw tomorrow!

Cartoon Drawing Workshop

Let your hand draw wonderful cartoon adventures with Kiddo Magazine.