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About Us Kiddo


noun informal


Kiddo: Someone who is at least slightly younger than you in age, but so aptly intellectual as to have the best of both worlds; brains and purely cute facial characteristics combined with childish noises that cause her companion to smile with delight.



Our Mission is to preserve and disseminate the Spanish language, family values and cultural heritage to new generations of Hispanic Canadians and to act as promoters of education, culture and environmental awareness.

An Inspiration Called "Kiddo"

At the time when my twin boys where attending daycare; it was scarce to find Spanish books or magazines that not only would teach the language but also transmit culture. As parents we started to grow ideas about creating a kid’s publication. It would tell stories and fables passed on from our parents and grandparents and have games and activities in both languages, English and Spanish.

With this concept, a purpose, a target audience and the desire to teach our Hispanic culture and language; it was just a matter of giving the magazine a proper name.
The name "kiddo" comes from a former boss and friend who called me “kiddo”. In my mind, “kiddo” had the image of a little girl or boy playfully learning. We now had name for our bilingual magazine: “Kiddo Magazine”. The rest of this story is now a collection of numerous issues that we have been publishing since 2007.    

How It All Started

Since Kiddo Magazine was launch in 2007, during the Folk Arts Festival - Open house of the Latin American Cultural Club of Niagara Region, it has come to be well known among many families in and outside of the Niagara Region (Hamilton, Mississauga, Milton, Brampton, Oakville and Toronto).  The magazine’s continued involvement in cultural events; fairs and festivals has also contributed to the promotion of the Hispanic culture and its success. 

From the beginning, Kiddo Magazine has been the joined effort of professionals in various fields working as a team under the same objective: Preserve and disseminate the Spanish language, cultural heritage and family values to new generations of Hispanic Canadians. That effort continues and has always been a rewarded venture.

The niche gave us the opportunity to create something unique and Kiddo Magazine continues to challenge us just as a playful kiddo growing up. The idea is now an institution that day to day explores new ways to transmit knowledge, reach and engage more and more kids.

—Zulima Wesso -Director

Kiddo Magazine A Magazine For All...

Kiddo Magazine is an award-winning magazine dedicated to children six years old and up. Kiddo Magazine is a learning and entertainment tool. Through its creativity, innovation, and originality, Kiddo Magazine seeks to enhance and promote the knowledge of the Spanish language, cultural heritage and family values.
Kiddo Magazine helps children grow in basic skills and knowledge, creativeness and ability to think and to reason, sensitivity to others and to root ideals of living in community.
Kiddo Magazine off ers its contents in English and Spanish. This unique feature allows readers the opportunity to compare, establish differences, and understand the dynamics of both languages.
For children whose first language is Spanish, Kiddo Magazine strengthens their language skills, vocabulary and reading habits while encouraging the preservation of their cultural roots.
Kiddo can be used as an ESL refresher for parents and caregivers as well as a way to enrich their knowledge.


Kiddo Magazine displays a wide range of articles, presented in an illustrative and easy-to-read format. Its content encourages young ones to explore the world around them. Each issue is filled with challenging puzzles and games to keep kids learning and having a blast. Kiddo Magazine features twelve sections:

These sections invite children to read,to learn and joy adding new words to their vocabulary. Kiddo Magazine aims to guide children to be more aware about the cultural traits that surround them.


  • To preserve and disseminate the Spanish languages.
  • To fortify the moral and intellectual formation in children by cultivating the values and multiculturalism.
  • To promote creativity and development in children through an alternative entertainable model that allows them to experiment, explore and learn.
  • To cultivate the habit of reading contributing to the development and improvement of the communication skills.

Kiddo Magazine aims to guide children to be more aware about the cultural traits that surround them.

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Honours and Awards We Do It Right


Promotion of the Spanish Language

Hispanic Canadian Teacher's Association

Top 25 Canadian Immigrant 2011

Canadian Immigrant Magazine

Women Business of the Year 2012

Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Excellence In Editorial and Visual Presentation

National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada