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Celebrating Earth Day 2017 "Trees for Life"

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This year marks Canada’s 150th birthday! Celebrations across the country are highlighting our great outdoors. At a time when most children spend less than an hour per day outside, we join Earth Day Canada campaign for 2017: Get outside, play and connect to your nature!


Once again, we celebrated Earth Day at the downtown of St. Catharines. This is the 3rd year of this great event that brings together public and private organizations and business working towards the same goal: “the preservation of our planet”. New products like The Bug Buggy, Niagara’s #1 source for bug related food & products, were the sensational innovation at the expo. We tasted the “Mealworm Crisp Chocolate Stars” which is bugs in a bar of chocolate! They are delicious! And they are good for you too! Also the Earth-friendly Caskets made from sustainable materials such as heavy cardboard, wicker, seagrass or bamboo; were new products at the expo.

Workshops like “composting at home” allowed the students hands-on to understand how composting is the essence of sustainability – it turns organic residuals into high quality composts that are highly desired by landscapers, gardeners, horticulturists and farmers. The Water Wizard Challenge give us a taste of tap water. The challenge: to make plastic bottles disappear! We learned also about recycling, energy conservation, environmental stewardship, gardening and hydroponics.

Earth Day 2017 55 Workshop about farming!
Earth Day 2017 43 We had a lot of fun in our Poster Wall. Every one wants to be a Green Hero!

Links for Greener Learning and Niagara Sustainability Initiative, both non-for profit local organizations are the hosts of this great event. We congratulate them for their efforts to make this Earth Day Celebration an educational event for all of us. Mr. Walter Sendzik, Mayor of St. Catharines wearing the Earth Day T-shirt, give us an inspirational speech about conservation to open the event. MPP Jim Bradley and MP Chris Bittle also welcomed the public.

Last but not least, the theme for our “Poster Design Contest” this year was “Trees for Life”. We thank all participating schools and students for their enthusiasm at the expo. Students from all grades took the challenge of creating a meaningful poster design. The jurors chose three winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. We congratulate all participants’ artists for their creativity and originality. Click on our Facebook link left, to check out our gallery and the 2017 winners!