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Celebrating Canada 150 "Poster and Literary Contests"

Awards for web 6


Kiddo Magazine celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2017, along with Canada's 150th anniversary! Young Canadians joined us and share with us their vision of "Canada 150".

We had a great and beautiful mosaic of contestants across the Niagara Region and the GTA. We are amazed by the talent and creativity displayed on the contests. It was a wonderful experience from the start to the end. We had the opportunity to reach a great number of children during their summer events and camps. The enthusiasm of the youngest was overwhelming and certainly the most rewarded experience for us.

We thank you all people who supported and promoted our contests among children: school teachers, community organizations, parents, summer camps leaders, language schools, community programs, libraries, community events, ethnic press and media.

Special thanks to Mrs. Maria Amelia Lonardi Genral Consul of Argentina in Toronto, to Mrs. Cristina Martins MPP, Mr. Rolando Vera Consul of Ecuador in Toronto, and to Mr. Rodrigo Piñeros from La Guia Magazine.

Special thanks to our community partners for their support and efforts to promote the Hispanic Culture in Canada: Mrs. Isabel Cuellar - Canadian Latin Heritage, Mr. Carlos Bastidas - Hispanic Canadian Arts and Cultural Association, Mrs. Adriana Pazos and Mr. Jose Pelaez - What Did You Bring, Mr. Ivan Triana - Mississauga Latin Festival, Mr. Daniel Garcia Herreros - Pan American Food and Music Festival, Eldy Ampuero - Canadian Hispanic Congres and Margarita Feliciano - York University Glendon Campus.



Poster Contest - Monochromatic
Intermediate Monochromatic Group (11-14 years)


Julio Lhoeste - 1st Place Poster Intermediate Monochromatic

1st Prize: Julio Diaz L’Hoeste
13 years old, St. Catharines

Charlie Navidad - 2nd Prize Poster Intermediate Monochromatic

2nd Prize: Charlie Navidad
13 years old, Scarborough, Toronto


Poster Contest - Colour
Intermediate Colour Group (11-14 years)


Emily Martinez - 1st Prize Poster Intermediate Colour

1st Prize: Emily Martínez
13 years old, Toronto

Sofia Nedelcu - 2nd Prize Poster Intermediate Colour

2nd: Prize: Sofia Nedelcu
12 years old, Toronto


Poster Contest - Colour
Junior Colour Group (6-10 years)


Addison Bremner - 1st Prize Poster Junior Colour

1st Prize: Addison Bremner
10 years old, St. Catharines

Paloma Santiago - 2nd Prize Poster Junior Colour

2nd Prize: Paloma Santiago
9 years old, Maple

Luna ~Tai G'ala - 3rd Prize Poster Junior Colour

3rd Prize: Luna~Tai G’ala
7 years old, Toronto



Literary Contest - Poem
Junior Group (6-10 years)


Carolina Santos 1st Prize Poem Junior

1st Prize: Carolina Santos
8 years old, Mississauga

Addison Bremner - 2nd Prize Poem Junior

2nd Prize: Addison Bremner
10 years old, St. Catharines

Luna Maria Rojas - 3rd Prize Poem Junior

3rd Prize: Luna Maria Rojas
10 years old, London


Literary Contest - Essay
Intermediate Group (11-14 years)

Winner: Milena Erazo - Literary Intermediate Essay

Winner: Milena Erazo
13 years old, Welland

Congratulations to you all for your excellent work and creativity and for sharing it with us in our Kiddo Magazine’s “Canada 150” Literacy & Drawing Contests.
The awards ceremony took place at the Centre of Excellence, Glendon College on October 28, 2017.

Meet our winners!

Poster PALC Canada150 2017 Kiddo